Sunday, 9 August 2015

How many hours of sleep do your kids need?

All living beings need rest and sleep. Sleep plays an important role in growth and development of the children of all ages. It is considered a primary activity of he brain during he early stages of development. Everyone has a sleep and awake cycle, so the kids also have awake and sleep cycle. these cycles are followed by the lights and dark in the environment. These cycles work like rhythms. 
New born babies in their early stages (up to 3 months after their birth) of life have no sleeping and awakening cycles. After the two months of birth their brain starts to regulate the sleep cycle. The little babies spent most of their time in sleep. The sleep is very important for their mental as well as physical health. 
Another important factor that disturb the baby's sleep in her early days, is her feeding requirements. younger babies have very fast digestive systems that's why they need to be fed with very short intervals; each two hours they need feed. Even during their sleep they seem to be restless and move their arms and legs etc. 
When a baby reaches six months, she does not require more feedings at the night time and can sleep throughout the night without any break. As babies grow older their sleeping time decreases and they become more active with their growing age. Therefore, toddlers have 10-11 hours of sleep at night. Sometimes, toddlers resist to get asleep and sleep late o the schedule. In the same way, preschool children also need up to 11 hours sound sleep but usually they resist to going to bed in time because of other activities like  watching TV, playing digital games and using other media. But as a parents you cannot ignore the need of sound sleep for growing kids because they can fall into anxiety and other mental disorders due ti insufficient sleep. 
Parents should try their best to provide their kids all necessary things including their own time, to fulfill the requirements of their sleep. younger babies and kids are easy to handle. You can easily motivate them to fall asleep by putting them into comfortable beds, by telling them stories and by keeping the room dark etc.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015


It is a common disorder that is observed in kids. It reduces the number of red blood cells that carry oxygen to all parts of the body. Therefore, the blood in an anemic body has less ability to carry the oxygen.
Short breath, weakness, laziness and tiredness are the common symptoms of anemia. But when it becomes stronger the patient seems to be going to expire and pale like a person on last breath. The extensive thirst is also observed in the anemic persons.

Types of Anemia:

There are three types of anemia;
  • Caused be the decreased production of red blood cells.
  • Caused due to blood loss.
  • Caused by the extensive breakdown of red blood cells.
Each type has different reasons of disease. 

Lower Production of red blood cells:

The basic reason of lower production rate of red blood cells is the deficiency of iron that is observed in each 3rd child in 100. Other than this, the deficiency of Vitamin B12 also cause the lower production of red blood cells.

Blood Loss:

It can be caused due to the trauma and gastrointestinal bleeding. These are the main causes of blood loss that leads to the anemia.

Breakdown of red blood cells:

The breakdown of red blood cells can be caused by the infection in the blood. Therefore, it includes the size of red blood cells and amount of oxygen in them.

The anemia is common among the infants, pregnant women and toddlers. Therefore, the parents should be careful about the diet of kids. They should use food containing iron and vitamin C. VitaminC increase the ability of absorption of iron. 

In short, whenever you feel your child is getting lazy and suffering from lack of appetite then try to increase the amount of food based on iron and vitamin C.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Potty Training for kids

Time for it to say goodbye to diapers? Once you as well as your little one are ready, have a look at the actual twenty actions to help potty education. If you're unsure where to start, you may consider using a three-day potty-training weekend to help end the idea off of. Get suggestions through additional mothers and fathers and also understand exactly what does not support.
The idea appears like a dream or possibly a gimmick, does not the idea? The concept your little one may get secure while using the bathroom a few weeks – as well as one evening – may seem fantastic to help mothers and fathers ready for bathroom education to become a extended and also tough method.
Yet "quick-training" functions for many mothers and fathers – and it isn't a the latest craze. Psychologists Nathan They would. Azrin and also Rich M. Foxx posted the actual book in which started out everything, Lavatory Coaching in less than a day, throughout 1974.
Bathroom training in 3 days

Bathroom education may be accomplished pretty easily together with some intensive energy.
Since then, several specialists have got unique off of their very own multiplied bathroom education methods. Below I'll clarify one strategy – the actual "potty training in a few days" technique defined throughout Julie Fellom's Diaper Cost-free Preschoolers program – and provides step-by-step instructions on how to make simple the idea meet your needs.
One thing to note: Employing this or maybe additional quick-training methods does not signify your kids are going to be perfectly bathroom trained in days. As an alternative, "success" will be almost certainly going to signify your kids will be while using the bathroom rather than diapers, although he may however have got incidents and also you'll want to support them together with elements of the task.
Aiding your kids turn out to be completely secure while using the bathroom independently – and also coaching actions like tips on how to take the pants decrease and also back up, clear the actual bathroom, and also rinse the arms – will probably acquire months involving follow-up energy. (And some abilities, like pulling pants around with out support, probably will not be feasible for younger youngsters. )

You ought to consider the actual a few days since the kick-off to an continuing method. The most important thing to consider will be there is not any "correct" way to bathroom train your kids – apart from this functions with regard to you and your family.
Regarding the Diaper Cost-free Preschoolers program
Fellom, a San fran preschool trainer, started out Diaper Cost-free Preschoolers throughout 2006 soon after bathroom education in excess of 100 young children. Her primary drive is usually to keep non reusable diapers out of landfills by simply helping mothers and fathers bathroom train their own young children earlier. Her procedure could work with regard to young children as early as 15 months older, and is more effective for all those younger in comparison with 30 months, Fellom affirms.

To help participate in your ex program, mothers and fathers (or an individual mum or dad and also yet another supportive grownup, say for example a grandparent or maybe caregiver) attend a two-hour course at nighttime. After that each and every spouse and children features its three-day bathroom education weekend at your home.
In a full week or maybe a pair of following your prolonged weekend, Fellom affirms, young children will be able to dependably visit the bathroom to help pee or maybe poop and have several, if just about any, incidents.
If you can't acquire Fellom's San Francisco-based course, you possibly can however fit your ex solution to meet your needs. Understand the "How to help bathroom train throughout a few days" area under.
Initial: Do you want with regard to bathroom education?
Fellom's strategy calls for dedication, emphasis, and also dedication. It's actually a "bare-bottomed" procedure, and therefore with regard to 90 days when you finally begin bathroom education, your kids should head out naked under the actual stomach when he's at your home and also don just loose-fitting pants together with nothing at all below when he's shopping or maybe at daycare.
Diapers and also education pants are usually fine with regard to nap occasion and also sleeping, although should you use them often you can undo-options ones bathroom education development, Fellom affirms.

"If you truly desire this kind of to work, the idea just functions naked, inches Fellom affirms. "There are usually hardly any pants in the house for your 1st 90 days. inches
That said, some mothers and fathers are not at ease with this kind of necessity and find strategies to function about the idea. Look at comments area in the bottom of this post because of their tips.
Exactly what you will require for your bathroom education weekend
You'll need standalone bathroom chair to utilize at your home (ideally one for any major region where by you would spend occasion, furthermore just about any bathrooms), an abundance of drinking water or maybe diluted drink to help beverage, and also appetizers in which encourage peeing (either salty people that will make a person thirsty, like crackers, or maybe foods together with high drinking water information like watermelon and also Popsicles).

Study the actual signs your little one is ready to undertake bathroom education.
Then of course you'll want items with regard to cleaning incidents (such as rags, clean-up alternative, plus a plastic material bucket) and some pairs involving loose-fitting pants for your little one to help don whenever you are away from home.
Suggested: It really is useful to experience a stream-lined, transportable vacation bathroom to carry and also concerning, even though you could utilize a smaller standalone bathroom lounge chair alternatively.

You might fit a smaller hand towel or maybe absorbent mat around your car couch to protect against incidents. A few mothers and fathers work with solutions including the Piddle Sleeping pad, although Fellom recommends a smaller sheepskin which you may locate at low cost pieces of furniture merchants. Reduce the actual sheepskin by 50 %, then slice the idea to fit round the car seats connectors and also buckle, and also you'll find a very absorbent, washable, reusable mat.
Lastly, whether or not it's wintry where you live, you may want to have got area heating units readily available, as well as knee socks or maybe leg warmers for your little one to help don and so he will continue to be comfy while he's bare-bottomed at your home.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Coloring Shapes For Kids

You can save it to your PC and can color in default paint software. Or, You can print it out and can color with any coloring tool. Enjoy Coloring

Color me and draw my door please!

Color me and Tell who I am?

What is my name?

Which is Bigger?
color my face Please!

Saturday, 7 June 2014

How to Train your Baby to Brush Teeth

It is very important for parents to take care of their kid's teeth, as, teeth are not only important for health but also for their cute and beautiful smile. Now the question is when to start cleansing the teeth and why it is important to take care for baby teeth or milk teeth that do not last even for a decade and baby would have new permanent teeth at age of 6 or 7 years?

The answer is very simple. The most common disease among  kids is tooth decay. Therefore we can do good for our kids to fight against the cavities, by training them properly for the maintenance of their teeth.

A toddler have twenty primary teeth that are for few years. But milk teeth are as important as adult or permanent teeth, because, milk teeth are basically guide for adult teeth. If a child lost his baby teeth due to decay than he would not have enough space for adult teeth to be appear. other than this the child will suffer from infection and pain and other problems related to teeth. Therefore it is very important to take care for the baby teeth.

When a baby to start brushing teeth: 

The parents should clean the gums of their infants before appearing the teeth. You should clean their gums with soft cloth, gauze or infant sized toothbrush after every feeding. When your baby have first teeth at the age of 6 or 7 months you should have a visit to a dentist. And set up a proper routine of brushing teeth twice a day; after breakfast and before sleep. The tooth brush should be soft and small headed. Brush your baby's teeth with water, don't use tooth paste until your child learn spitting.

When a child become 2 or 3 years old he should brush his teeth by himself.You can trained him for self brushing by many ways. When you yourself brush your teeth, give brush in his hand and do brush  together.
Or set a proper time for his brushing and make him follow the routine and properly guide him how to brush his teeth. 
In short the tooth brush training is necessary for the toddlers for their hygiene and beautiful smile.

Note: If you have some tips for training a baby to brush his teeth please share in comments.  

Sunday, 11 May 2014


Bolt is an interesting movie for kids. My son love to watch this movie.  By watching this movie kids can easily distinguish between reality and fiction.  Because many of the kids, because if their innocence, consider many things as real that they watch in movies.  By watching bolt it is easy for them to differentiate between fiction and nonfiction.  I remember my nephew was addicted of ben10, he demanded ben10 watch .  So his father  brought a toy ben10 watch for him.  When he wear it and wanted to become hero as ben10 and he could not,  then there was a great Ambrassment for his parents.  It was hard for them to make him understand that this all is not real.

So this type of movies can help the parents as well as kids to consider movies and animations only entertainment,  not reality.
So enjoy bolt with your kids. 

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Toy Story

Toy story is a very interesting animated movie. My little son enjoys it very much. I also enjoyed it with my son and concluded the movies like "Toy Story" are great help for the parents who have little kids. All of us know that the toys are weakness of kids. Some kids are very sensitive and caring for their toys, but, some kids have the bad habit of destroying their toys. This habit becomes a headache for parents.
There is a great lessons for kids about toys. As they show that toys also have feelings and attachment for the kid to whom they belong. They also get hurt if they are treated in bad way. They also feel pain and become sad. Toys like those kids who keep them with care and love.
It is a psychological effect that the watcher of movie consider himself as hero and want to follow him if they have a chance. Therefore all kids who watch "Toy Story", want to be like Andy. I will suggest all parents to show "Toy Story" to their kids. I am sure they will observe a great change in their kids about their toys. They will keep their toys with more care.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Chocolate and Kids

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Chocolate is liked by almost everyone. It seems as everyone is  big fan of chocolate. Mostly young kids are so happy when they get a tasty chocolate bar, particularly, when they are munching for chocolate. Even adults also sometimes addict of chocolate.  But, excessive use of chocolate for kids is harmful as it can damage the teeth, because it causes tooth decay. Anyhow it is very difficult for anyone to stop oneself  from chocolate if it is in approach.
I think chocolate has good effects on mood when someone is suffering from boredom. Imagine if your kid is fan of chocolate like you, and he want to eat some thing and you take him a creamy and tasty chocolate bar he will be happy and can be stay in good mood for a long period.
  Sometime it happens that your child is angry with you and have not eaten anything for a long time, then present him with a tasty chocolate bar. It will not only have pleasant affects on his anger but also will restore his energy by keeping his sugar level normal.
Other than this chocolate is best for refreshment when you go for jogging or walk in morning or evening, you feel yourself tired then a small chocolate bar will make refresh. In short the crunchy chocolate is the  need of every chocolate fan for entertainment and refreshment. But, keep in your mind the effects of chocolate on the teeth. So enjoy chocolate but with care.

Other than this kids also love chocolate flavor in other sweet dishes and deserts. My own son love chocolate and everything in chocolate flavor, particularly, chocolate biscuits and cakes and creamy chocolate bar is his favorite. But , as a mother I never allow him excessive use of chocolates or other sweets.  

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Iron Deficiency in Kids

Iron is an important constituent of hemoglobin, myoglobin and the enzymes which contains iron.The iron deficiency in kids up to one year of age is very dangerous. Iron deficiency at this age can impair the development of brain. Therefore treatment of the iron deficiency at this age is of extreme importance. Other than this the mother should also be aware of importance of iron and calcium during the pregnancy and should take external dosage of these elements if the food is not fulfilling the need of  foetus. Because, if a mother gives birth to a baby with the deficiency of iron, then it would be very difficult to overcome the affects of iron deficiency.  

Affects of iron deficiency in kids.

 In general, iron deficiency can cause 
  • chronic fatigue,
  • lack of concentration,
  • irritability,
  • nervousness, 
  • headache,
  • loss of appetite,
  • susceptibility to stress and infection, 
  • paleness, cracks at the corners of mouth (rhagades), 
  • dry skin, 
  • brittle hair and nails 
  • as well as loss of interest in play in children of all ages. 
Iron deficiency effects the production and size of red blood cells (RBCs). therefore, decreased amount of hemoglobin and RBCs in blood stream is called Anemia. The RBCs carry oxygen throughout the body. So the lack of RBCs resulted in lack of oxygen in the cells and tissues. There fore, it needs proper treatment and therapy for the restoration of red blood cells.

The amount of iron that kids need:

Although mostly babies are born with the iron stored in their bodies, but, they need a sufficient amount of iron for their growth and development. Here is a general guideline for the kids "approximate iron need/day":

  • 7-12 months need- 11 milligrams
  • 1-3 years need------ 7 milligrams
  • 4-8 years need----- 10 milligrams
  • 9-13 years need----- 8 milligrams
  • 14-18 years boys--- 11 milligrams 
  • 14-18 years girls---- 15 milligrams

Friday, 13 September 2013

Baby Cap size selection

Caps are an important part of a kid's dressing. But sometimes, Parents are not sure about their kids size to purchase an accurate cap or hat for their kid. Some caps are made up of flexible material, therefor that type of cap are adjustable. But the inflexible caps needs a size to ear; such as hats and P caps or other type of caps.For that you need an approximate size for your kid.

Here is general size chart according to age period of kids.

General Size Chart for kids

New Born
Standard Hat size
Finished Hat circumference
Length from Crown to Ear
It is a general size chart that will help you to guess approximate size for your child.
There is another size chart, for up to 10 years old kids. It is to extent in detail.

Baby Hat Size Chart

Head Circumference
Hat Circumference
Hat height
New Born
3-6 Months
6-12 Months
7.5” (18cm)
12months -3 Years
8” (20 cm)
3 Years- 10 Years
19”-20.5” (48-51cm)

This chart is basically for hat size, but you can guess your kid's approximate size, for any type of cap, according to circumference of head or hat.