Monday, 10 September 2012

Most Popular Cartoon Characters among Kids

--> Tom and Jerry:

Who don't know about Tom and Jerry, which is the most popular animated cartoon series. It is ever liked by kids and elders, both. These marvellous characters are created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera.
"Hanna and Barbera ultimately wrote and directed 114 Tom and Jerry shorts at MGM Cartoon studio in Holly wood, between 1940 and 1957, when the animated unit as closed."(Wikipedia)
It has a spontaneous overflow. When you sit to watch a Tom and Jerry short, you can't help laughing either you or your kid is in any mood. It is basically a battle between a cat (Tom) and a mouse (Jerry) who want to defeat each other, for this victory their acts cause a comic situationRead more

Mickey Mouse:

Mickey Mouse is one another most famous cartoon character, that is created by Walt Disney and UB Lwerks at Walt Disney Studio , in 1928. Mickey Mouse is an anthropomorphic (having human attributes or thoughts) moues, that always wears, large yellow shoes, red  shorts and white gloves. It is recognized everywhere in the world.this cartoon series is based on adventurous theme, but Mickey Mouse also comes up with different roles, such as soldier, suitor and sometimes as a regular mouse. It is seen in toys and games also and remains at the top for many years and till now people like watch it.


Donald Duck:
Donald Duck is another cartoon character that is loved to watch ever. It is also created by Walt Disney. It is first seen in Wild little Hen in 1934. Basically, it is a funny character and another interesting thing that is related to its popularity, is its unique laughter.And its most popular dialog is "what's the big idea."Donald Duck is usually seen in sailor's costume and always conveys an optimistic message for life. It also came up in toys and seen in kids games.


Bugs Bunny:

--> The legend of cartoon history is known as Bugs Bunny. It is a cute and naughty rabbit, that have always a fun. The most popular dialogue of Bugs Bunny is "Ehh, What's up. Doc." Bugs Bunny is the calmest naughty and cute cartoon character, that is seen on 27 July, 1940 as a wild hare and till now it is watched by many kids and other people.



 It is an innocent and cute baby bird character. It is loved by kids because of its innocence, naughtiness and sweetness in its voice. It is appeared as Tweety is another cartoon that is loved to watch by kids, "a tale of two kites" in 1942, for first time and  till now is appeared in more than 48 different cartoon series . Tweety is originally created by Robert Clampett. It is basically a baby bird that is why mostly liked by babies.



Ben10 is the most popular cartoon character among the kids, especially boys. Ben10 in fact is an American media Franchise. It is created by "Man of Action. Man of Action is actually a group. Ben10 is produced by Cartoon Network Studios. Read more


Spider man is a popular cartoon character among kids and is liked to watch in every corner if the glob. The Spider-man series is about a teenager Peter Parker who is bitten by radio active spider. And got an amazing power and strength like spider. He decided to use his power against crime and evil. Read more