Friday, 7 September 2012

Ben10, Hit Among Kids

--> The kids always love to watch cartoons. They enjoy cartoons, even When  a kid is angry and is weeping, you play cartoons for him, he will be calmed and will be happy to watch cartoons with his eyes full of tears.
 In these days,mostly kids like to watch; Ben10, Spider-man, Superman, Batman etc.

Ben 10:

Ben10 is the most popular cartoon character among the kids, especially boys. Ben10 in fact is an American media Franchise. It is created by "Man of Action. Man of Action is actually a group. Ben10 is produced by Cartoon Network Studios. 
Ben is a 10 years old boy who has a watch like alien device Omnitrix or Ultimatrix. He found this watch in a forest.This watch has been connected to his wrist and allows him to turn into alien creature. He can transform into 10 type of creatures or species. That's why he is called Ben10.
Ben Tennyson, fought against evil aliens and crimes with the help of  his alien power, while traveling through   
the country "Rust Bucket", with his cousin Gwen, and grand pa Max.

 Ben10 Alien Force:

After five years of first series, Ben has taken off that mysterious watch. But when his Grand pa Max, get missing strangely, the Ben puts his watch watch again. The watch reboots his power and assigns him another set of 10 alien forces.His old enemy Kevin also joined his team.

Ultimate Alien:

After the Ben10 Alien Force, the Ultimate Alien appears, in which he has Ultimatrix. Ultimatrix make the Ben 10 able to evolve his Alien force into more powerful forms. Now the Ben10 is more powerful then ever.

In short kids love to watch Ben10 in anyway. I have seen many kids force their parents to fetch them Ben 10 watch.Other than this they want to get everything with Ben10 mark.My own nephew Ali Abbas love to watch Ben10. He has a collection of Ben10 toys,  school bag, pencil box, color box and many shirts. 

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