Saturday, 8 September 2012

Spider Man

Spider man is a popular cartoon character among kids and is liked to watch in every corner if the glob. The Spider-man series is about a teenager Peter Parker who is bitten by radio active spider. And got an amazing power and strength like spider. He decided to use his power against crime and evil.
There are thousands of toys and other accessories with spider-man theme are available in the market. Kids who are the fans of Spider-man, always eager to get things belong to Spider-man.I have seen many kids when they go to shop with their parents ans see some toy labeled with Spider-man, they get excited to purchase it. Other than this, there are color books  stickers, pencil boxes, even school bags, having Spider-man on them, also attract the children. Many kids like to wear costume Like Spider man, and feel themselves as a real Spider-man.
But be aware, When you are going to take such type of costume for your kids, make them clear that " it is only a costume, you can not become a Spider-man or Superman or anything else, because it all is only a fiction and is not possible in reality." Because, I remember an interesting incident, I was gone to one of my friends and she was preparing his 5 years old child for some event. She put on her child a spider-man costume, the child was very happy to be a spider-man. In the mean time, a kite was fallen on the roof, the child in spite of going to ladder, tried to climb  directly up the wall as a Spider-man, and in the next moment he as crying for rescue as he was get hurt on head. I hope, you would not like such accident for your kids.