Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Safety Tips for Kids at Play Ground

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Outdoor activity is an important part of child growth and development. Because exercise and supports are important for the physical growth and strength.Usually, kids are taken to the playgrounds for exercise and supports. And there are some things that can cause problems for kids.  According to a guess, round about 200,000 kids are treated in hospitals for the play ground injuries. My own niece got hurt in the playground,  4 years ago. She had a deep wound exact at her eyebrow and could not appear in exams. Therefore, some safety measures should be taken before let the kids at playgrounds.

Safety Tips at Playgrounds:

  • First of all play ground should be divided into three parts. One part for infants and toddlers. Second, for small children, from 2-6 years. and third one for older kids. And there should be very clear guide lines for each part. So that the kids may not get confused.
  • The surface and structure of playground be appropriate for kids. There should not be more slippery or  hard places. there should be no dangerous materials like broken glass or twisted metal, in the play ground.
  • The presence of some adult and mature person in the kid's play ground is necessary, for the proper supervision of kids.
  • The kids should be properly trained about the use and management of gaming equipment. Such as use of helmets, pads and other things. Particularly, the younger kids are mostly get injured by the swings. Suppose, a child has a cap on his head, and he is on swing. He feels that his cap is about to fall from his head, he would leave the swing rope to keep the cap at his head. That may make him unbalance and he falls from the swing. Now you can imagine the condition of that child. Now it is the responsibility of older people to make their kids  aware of preferences at the play ground.
  • The equipment should be properly checked by someone. The broken elements should be removed immediately. And it should also be kept in view that the game or the things which is going to be used by kids, if it suits them according to their age and physic.    

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  1. Thank you for this! These are very good tips. Some of them should be reminders to some of the park managers around my area actually.

    -P. Black (DaaD)