Sunday, 9 August 2015

How many hours of sleep do your kids need?

All living beings need rest and sleep. Sleep plays an important role in growth and development of the children of all ages. It is considered a primary activity of he brain during he early stages of development. Everyone has a sleep and awake cycle, so the kids also have awake and sleep cycle. these cycles are followed by the lights and dark in the environment. These cycles work like rhythms. 
New born babies in their early stages (up to 3 months after their birth) of life have no sleeping and awakening cycles. After the two months of birth their brain starts to regulate the sleep cycle. The little babies spent most of their time in sleep. The sleep is very important for their mental as well as physical health. 
Another important factor that disturb the baby's sleep in her early days, is her feeding requirements. younger babies have very fast digestive systems that's why they need to be fed with very short intervals; each two hours they need feed. Even during their sleep they seem to be restless and move their arms and legs etc. 
When a baby reaches six months, she does not require more feedings at the night time and can sleep throughout the night without any break. As babies grow older their sleeping time decreases and they become more active with their growing age. Therefore, toddlers have 10-11 hours of sleep at night. Sometimes, toddlers resist to get asleep and sleep late o the schedule. In the same way, preschool children also need up to 11 hours sound sleep but usually they resist to going to bed in time because of other activities like  watching TV, playing digital games and using other media. But as a parents you cannot ignore the need of sound sleep for growing kids because they can fall into anxiety and other mental disorders due ti insufficient sleep. 
Parents should try their best to provide their kids all necessary things including their own time, to fulfill the requirements of their sleep. younger babies and kids are easy to handle. You can easily motivate them to fall asleep by putting them into comfortable beds, by telling them stories and by keeping the room dark etc.