Thursday, 20 September 2012

Train your Baby to Sleep in Time.

When a person got a baby, he may deprived of proper sleep. Particularly those parents who have their first kid. And those parents ho have night babies; night baby means, the baby who sleep in day and more active in nights.
But, it is a matter that can be handle easily. The parents can train their baby according to a particular schedule. Be aware, Do not impose a routine schedule on your new born. When your infant become up to 7 weeks, you can gradually try to develop a routine for your baby.You can do this by following proper schedule. Suppose, You give a warm bath to your baby at night, on a specific time, feed him, and let him to sleep.At morning change his nap at a specific time, give him morning bath and play with him. Follow this routine daily and do all tasks at the same time of the day, daily. At start, he may sleeps for 3 to 4 hour and then awakes for feed.But, gradually he will extend his sleeping hours. Especially, when he starts  to fed on the solid food, at the age of 4-6 months. When a baby is fed on solid food, he can sleep from 8to 12 hour long at night. But you need to make sure before your baby is going to sleep, that his tummy should be full.
It is necessary for your baby's peaceful sleep and your own sleep too.
At beginning, if you feel that your baby is not comfortable with his new routine, then you should not force him to follow it, in anyway. You need to wait a few weeks more, and then try your schedule again. And you need to make sure an other thing also, that is about your baby's health. Sometimes kids are sick and they can't sleep peacefully and awake after short intervals. 
In short, sound sleep is very important for your baby. Take care of your baby's sleep and health.