Thursday, 12 September 2013

Baby Caps

Cap is an important part of dressing. Sometimes it is needed to be wear for style, sometime for protection from clod weather, sometime for protection from sun. Any how, there are many types of cap; simple cap, P cap, hat, etc.
Each type of cap is fancy and useful according to demand. Now, here you would see different type of caps, their uses, and other aspects.

Warm/ Woolen Caps:

It is stretchable 
there are hundred types of warm caps are available in the market. Theses caps are used to protect someone from cold season. Usually, in winter these cap are used. And small kids need more care against extreme cold. Usually warm caps are made up of woolen yarn. Some mothers prefer to prepare at home and some prefer to purchase a nice and beautiful piece for their kids. When you re going to buy a woolen cap for your kid, you should be aware about approximate size of you kid's head. Either, woolen caps are stretchable to some extent, so there would not be much problem in case, if you buy a smaller cap in size. But if you get a larger one than there would be a problem for your kid and for you too, because, it would not only cover your kid's eyes, but also it would keep much warm your kid's head. And, sometime it would may fell down from his head. And if you knitting at home, then, you need to choose an excellent yarn that should be soft and smooth, and design of the cap also must be simple and soft that may not irritate your kid. Particularly in case of infants  


Hat is an oldest type of cap. It makes a child's look more decent and charming. Particularly, in West it is liked more to wear. There are many kinds of hat and hats are available in different fabrics and materials in the market. I will suggest the parents, when they go to buy  a hat for their kid, they should must to know about the size of their kid. Otherwise it may cause a great problem. The hat size chart will help the parent to learn about their kid's size. Other than this, you also should keep in view the material of the hat, because hard material will irritate the child. In some cases, there is a red rash appears at the back of the kid's ear. So, to avoid from that type of condition you need to be careful in purchase.

P Cap/ Cloth Cap:

P cap and other cloth cap are usually used to save the kid from sun. Because that type of caps have a shad that keeps the kid's eyes save from direct sun P caps also used in sports field. Another important thing about P caps, that is useful for parents, is, P caps are adjustable. Because at the back these caps have adjustment strip. Other cloth caps usually used by girls for fashion and styles. Some of them need a specific size and some are adjustable. in short, caps make a kid more cute and charming.

Caps For Events: 

The caps not only used as casual but some caps are used to wear at  some specific events and occasions. Such as, at the birthday parties, kids used to wear colorful caps with different beautiful designs. Kids like to wear those type of caps at their on functions or at their some friend's party. At the time of getting that type of caps parents must be aware about their design; if it is suitable for their kid and is according to their age also. Because in case, if you are going to buy a birthday cap at your kid's first birthday, then be careful, at that stage kids use to put everything in their mouth. And most of these caps are made up of hard paper. that's why parents should keep in view this aspect also. Other caps are also used at particular occasions, such as, Christmas cap.
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