Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Is Your Baby Ready to Walk!

A baby who can stand with some support, such as by holding on mom,s finger, by holding a chair, small table or anything else. Now you should be prepared for his next step, that is to walk around. Most of the babies take their first independent step around their first birthday. But it does not mean that each baby should start walking up to his first birthday. Some babies start walking up to 8 or 9 months and some others start at round about 18 to 19 months, those are also normal.
In fact, when babies are able to stand with support, then they are near to walk. first they tried to walk with support, such as by holding up their mom's finger or by holing a thing that they can grip easily and there is enough space to walk. So when you observe that your is standing confidently, then provide him opportunity to walk. You can do this by putting him in a walker, or make him stand in such a place where he can find a support easily to walk, for example, make him stand with a sofa or bed or table or with a row of chairs. I want to say you make your baby in a place where he would have a margin to walk.
 after few day or weeks a baby try to walk independently without a support. So, be careful, and do not leave your alone when he is in position to stand or walk with support. Because, when a baby try to walk independently he may can hold himself and may cause some accident. Therefore at this time a baby need more attention and care.
You can reinforce your baby by clapping or calling him to you. You should encourage your baby to walk. And make an effective plan for your baby. If going to buy a walker for him, then keep in your mind the walker should not be more heavy or too light. Because more heavy walker would be hard for a baby to drag it with him. And too light walker may cause some accident as it can be turn over. So, the design and shape of walker is much important. Other than this you should be careful about shoe selection also.  

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