Friday, 6 September 2013

Best Android Apps for kids

If you have an Android device and have kids too, then, you have a blessing. Because it is a common fact you have to go out of your home with your kids for many things, such as, for recreation, for Doctor visit, for shopping, for school etc. And usually happens you caught in traffic, or you have wait for Doctor  or you have to wait for anything else, at that time that android device becomes a blessing for you, because you can use it to entertain your child. Your child will be happy to play a game there.
There are so many apps are available for kids that are not only entertaining  but useful also for learning purpose.
The android apps that I like for son, niece and nephews are

  • Talking Friends
  • Fruit Ninja.
  • Toddler Taping Zoo
  • Kids Alphabets
  • Kids finger paint
  • Kids numbers and math
  • Colors
  • Spelling bee
  • Real Piano
  • Monkey Preschool Lunch Box

I think these are the best Android Apps. Some of these are useful for kid's education and learning also.
My own son, who is of one and half years, loves to play with talking friends and Real Piano. Talking Tom is his best friend. I feel, he also gets improved his sounds and vocabulary while playing with talking Tom. Other than this he like to play Piano or Guitar on his uncle’s cell phone. Particularly, in the load shedding hours (my country is now suffering from bad energy crises, we have to face 16-18 hours load shedding), these games becomes a blessing for me.  
You can try these Apps for your kids also. 
Note: What is your kid’s best App?