Thursday, 5 September 2013

The Top 10 Things for a Child to Deter him from the abuse of Alcoholism

Alcohol is a drug like cocaine and marijuana. It is dangerous for kids and its use is illegal for individuals under the age of 21. The kids, who use alcohol, may become the victims of violent crimes or can be involved in drinking related traffic crashes or accidents. They may also have to face the problems at school.

          You may think, “My child is not drinking yet.”  No, you are wrong. You must keep them aware of drinking and drugs. If you want to be strong parents, then, you would have to plane for it. As a parent you, yourself should have proper awareness about alcoholic products and their harm. After that, you need to take some steps for your child, against the use of alcoholic drinks.

          Now the question is how you would deter your child from alcohol abuse. You can do a few things to prevent your child from alcohol.

1)    You should observe keenly your child’s activities, i-e what is he doing? How does he spending his time?  You should inquire about his routine, time to time, so that the child remains alert about his routine which is being observed by his parents. But it does not mean you impose yourself on him/her, this may make him frustrated. Your behavior should be friendly.
2)    You need to build strong taboo to your child. You need to discuss his/her problems and try to make yourself caring parents, so that they do not hesitate to share their problems. Because sometime they are forced to take alcohol. You need to discuss with them about their problems and get them out of bad situation.
3)    You must keep an eye on your child’s company.  You should be aware of their friends and their parents, because, oftenly company affects the habits. If your child is moving in a community having alcoholic background, then, there would be a chance, your kid may start drinking.
4)    Another big reason for drinking among kids; especially in teens, is, ad campaigns on TV channels and other electronic media. The motivating style of ads and other programs, such as movies, TV shows etc. attracts the innocent minds to use alcoholic drinks. Hence the parents should make their children aware of fatal effects of alcohol. The parents also need to avoid their children from watching such harmful programs on electronic media.
5)     Another reason for drinking among kids or teen is their boredom. Sometimes children start drinking to beet their boredom. For this purpose, parents need to indulge their children in some healthy activities, such as, after school supervised activities, and other co curricular activities. If you belong to the community where schools do not offer such activities, then, you have to manage alternative. For example, you can arrange a get together with the help of other parents. Then your child no more need to drink to beet his/her spare time.
6)    The most important thing for parents regarding this issue is their role in their child’s life. A parent is a role model for their young ones. Walk the talk, how can you expect your child to stay away from alcohol if you, yourself don’t. You need not to drink in the presence of your child.
7)    The depression is another main reason for drinking. Therefore you need to keep your child away from the issues that may make him/her depress. You must have to resolve your family issues that cause tension in your family life.
8)    Research your state law for underage drinking. Then have a sitting with your child and discuss the outcomes of getting caught. It will make your child not only aware of rule but also responsible.
9)     You can create a drinking contract for your child. Suppose, you do not allow your child to attend a party where alcohol is available, you also would have an offer to drive for your child anytime. Your child would not travel with a person who is drinking. You can decide different articles of contract by mutual understanding, and the consequences, in the case of breaking contract.
10)                       You can seek positive mentor for your child, outside the family. The groups or persons who would fortify belief and values of your family. Your child can formally obtain a mentor through spiritual or religious groups.
Your child is most precious treasure for you. You need to keep him away from bad situations. Although, it needs a bit struggle, but your little effort can save your future, because, child is your future. So, save your child, save your future.