Thursday, 5 September 2013


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Sponge Bob is an American animated TV series.It is created by marine biologist and Stephen Hillenburg who  is an animator. In this series there are the adventures of Spongebob and his friends in the sea. It is different from the other animated series that are being produced now a days. I want to say in these days mostly action series like Ben 10, Spider-man, Batmen etc are on air and are liked by kids. But, the Sponge Bob is a comedy and is very light in approach. Therefore it is a very popular series of the day and now it becomes a franchise.
The most popular character of the series is Sponge Bob who is an sea sponge and he is very positive in his approach. His house is a pineapple or is pineapple shape. Other than this, Patrick Star is his best friend  And Gray is his pet; Gray is basically a snail.Patrick considers himself a very intelligent person.

Squidward is a negative character who works at Krusty Crab where Sponge Bob also work. Squidward is a bad tempered octopus and is the next door neighbor of Sponge Bob. Squidward do not like his neighbors.

Sandy cheeks and Squirrel are also the friends of Sponge Bob.  Sandy is a scientist who wears an astronaut like costume when she came out of the house.
They all live in Bikini Bottom  city that is located in Pacific Ocean.Overall it is a very interesting series that is popular in both kids and elders.