Thursday, 29 August 2013

Child Labour

Children are the gifts of God and they are considered the future of a nation. That's why kids are loved by all. People take care special care of their growth, education and training. But many children are deprived of even their basic rights. They have to serve hard labor. In many developed countries child labor is banned, but, in many countries, especially in under developed countries, children have to perform tough duties, such as, wash dishes at local hotels, work in mechanical work shops, collect objects from garbage, sale different things at stop points and signals.
Many of these kids lost their lives in road accidents. Many of them lost some part of body and became disable person for the his remaining life. The most fact about these kids is, the sexual torture. It is a so painful aspect of the life of those kids. Other than this, they become the victim of physical torture also. last year in Pakistan many kids, who were serving in house hold tasks Such as house maids,  were dead because of physical torture of their masters, most of them were girls. And there were great protests against this child torture.
Know the question is why the kids have to do that type of job? There are many reasons; the first reason is poverty. because of poverty these kids have no more way to do. Second reason is number of children in  family. The people having lack of resources, gave birth to many kids. Therefore, they put their little kids in work for more earning. The most crucial reason is there is no proper legislation in that states for children rights.
Any way, in any case we should not force the kids for hard labor. But, we should do something for their education.