Sunday, 11 May 2014


Bolt is an interesting movie for kids. My son love to watch this movie.  By watching this movie kids can easily distinguish between reality and fiction.  Because many of the kids, because if their innocence, consider many things as real that they watch in movies.  By watching bolt it is easy for them to differentiate between fiction and nonfiction.  I remember my nephew was addicted of ben10, he demanded ben10 watch .  So his father  brought a toy ben10 watch for him.  When he wear it and wanted to become hero as ben10 and he could not,  then there was a great Ambrassment for his parents.  It was hard for them to make him understand that this all is not real.

So this type of movies can help the parents as well as kids to consider movies and animations only entertainment,  not reality.
So enjoy bolt with your kids.