Sunday, 23 February 2014

Toy Story

Toy story is a very interesting animated movie. My little son enjoys it very much. I also enjoyed it with my son and concluded the movies like "Toy Story" are great help for the parents who have little kids. All of us know that the toys are weakness of kids. Some kids are very sensitive and caring for their toys, but, some kids have the bad habit of destroying their toys. This habit becomes a headache for parents.
There is a great lessons for kids about toys. As they show that toys also have feelings and attachment for the kid to whom they belong. They also get hurt if they are treated in bad way. They also feel pain and become sad. Toys like those kids who keep them with care and love.
It is a psychological effect that the watcher of movie consider himself as hero and want to follow him if they have a chance. Therefore all kids who watch "Toy Story", want to be like Andy. I will suggest all parents to show "Toy Story" to their kids. I am sure they will observe a great change in their kids about their toys. They will keep their toys with more care.

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