Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Chocolate and Kids

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Chocolate is liked by almost everyone. It seems as everyone is  big fan of chocolate. Mostly young kids are so happy when they get a tasty chocolate bar, particularly, when they are munching for chocolate. Even adults also sometimes addict of chocolate.  But, excessive use of chocolate for kids is harmful as it can damage the teeth, because it causes tooth decay. Anyhow it is very difficult for anyone to stop oneself  from chocolate if it is in approach.
I think chocolate has good effects on mood when someone is suffering from boredom. Imagine if your kid is fan of chocolate like you, and he want to eat some thing and you take him a creamy and tasty chocolate bar he will be happy and can be stay in good mood for a long period.
  Sometime it happens that your child is angry with you and have not eaten anything for a long time, then present him with a tasty chocolate bar. It will not only have pleasant affects on his anger but also will restore his energy by keeping his sugar level normal.
Other than this chocolate is best for refreshment when you go for jogging or walk in morning or evening, you feel yourself tired then a small chocolate bar will make refresh. In short the crunchy chocolate is the  need of every chocolate fan for entertainment and refreshment. But, keep in your mind the effects of chocolate on the teeth. So enjoy chocolate but with care.

Other than this kids also love chocolate flavor in other sweet dishes and deserts. My own son love chocolate and everything in chocolate flavor, particularly, chocolate biscuits and cakes and creamy chocolate bar is his favorite. But , as a mother I never allow him excessive use of chocolates or other sweets.