Sunday, 8 September 2013

5 Point for Kids Playground Design

Play ground for kid are necessary for their proper physical fitness, development of motor skills, social interaction and much more. Building a great play ground involves to combine all those ideas that can create a single integrated place that is not only loved by kids but also, is an aid for their development and physical fitness.
Here are some points that will help you to design and build a nice play ground for your kids.

Free Play:

Today kids have lot of choices, such as, soccer, gymnastic, tea ball, craft classes, DVDs, and more than 50 TV channels. No the question is, Where does the play ground fit it?

The adults think that the bet experience for kid is the game and activities directed by adults. But, the truth is, hen kids play without adult intervention, they become more confident, creative and spontaneous. Because organised activities does not allow the kids to pretend and express themselves freely. 
 The play grounds promote free play, that builds social skills, sportsman spirit, confidence and self-esteem satisfaction.   There free play activity by play ground authority is much important.
Free play does not mean without the presence of adult. It mean without intervention of  adults.  

Kids Stuff:

Now the question is how to promote free play at play grounds. Its all about stuff in play ground. There are many issues regarding equipment; its size, safety and cost etc. And the stuff is needed according to different age groups of kid. Therefore it should be divided into three parts. one for Pre-school kid, one for 5-10 years kid and one for 10 and more. 

Approach for all kids:

While building a play ground it should also kept in view that the play ground should be accessible for all kids. The designer should also keep in view the special kids. There should be activities for handicaps, the blind the deaf and dump kids also. 

Balance :

80% injuries in play grounds are caused by the unbalance surfaces.  Hence, the surface should be balance and smooth for all games.  Other than this the equipment, like ladders swings, monkey bars etc, must have standard height. For the school age children not more than 8 feet and for Pre school kids not more than 6 feet high. 

Safety and Security of kids:

Safety of kids is necessary. There should be proper partition for each age group part and particularly the area that is bounded for special kids. So, that the younger and elder kids do not get mixed. Other than this there should be a ground supervisor, who can interfere when the play gets dangerous. 

The National Program for Play Ground Safety provides a kit for play ground supervisor. It includes manual and video