Sunday, 8 September 2013

Skin Rash in kids

When a child is suffering from skin rash, it would be a great problem for parents. Among infants and toddlers , rashes are usually appeared in nappy area and under arm. The bright red rash always alert the parents.
 A common rash disappears by themselves within a day or two by applying a common baby lotion or cream.
But be aware before using a rash cream or lotion, that are commonly available in the market. Because most of them use lanolin which makes the rash more worse, in the case when a child is naturally sensitive or allergic to lanolin. However, it the most trusted ingredient that is used in rah creams and lotions and is not harmful to the majority of kids. But in very few cases it is seen more reactive to the a specific type of skin.
Anyhow, a common rash is not much thing that is usually caused by some particular kind of fabric that i a kid wearing, usually woolen clothes have some type of reactions to the sensitive and delicate baby's skin. Or it is caused by diapers in nappy area, or, by extreme weather especially winter. But, what so ever rash always irritates the babies.
In some cases, it is more dangerous. Because, sometimes, it is giving threats of some harmful and fatal diseases, such as measles, chicken pox etc. In that cases the rash should be taken more seriously and should not be treated with common creams and lotions but the kid should be taken to the doctor in a moment. Because, some of these diseases are life threatening for kids.

How to recognize if it is common rash or some diseases? 

Now the question is,  how one can recognize among common or because of some disease. There are some particular symptoms of rash that is caused by some disease and should be taken more seriously.  


If your child is suffering from chickenpox, the rash would be appeared as an area of redness and in the center of that redness, a small, superficial blister will be appeared. Within 24-48 hours, the lesion will form a crusty scab.Before rash the kid will suffer from fever and sour throat also.


The measles usually starts with nasal congestion and cough with high fever up to 102-105 F. Within THREE OR four days the will have a brown rash on the face, behind the ear and along with the hair line.