Sunday, 23 June 2013

Measles Attack in Punjab

All of us know about the epidemics and their fatal affects. The more known epidemics  are chicken pox, measles, plague etc. The chicken pox and Measles are mostly seen in kids that's why in many countries kids are injected vaccines against such type of dangerous diseases. In Pakistan, the vaccines are available for all infants and kids at national level, but, one of Pakistani province Punjab is now victim of measles. The innocent kids are dying with measles on daily bases. Today, two kids are died with measles in Punjab. The parents are really embarrassed about the measles.It is a horrible situation for parents having little kids. Not only kids but, elders are also hit by this dangerous disease. My own sister in law suffered from measles a month ago. The elders can survive but the kids are weak creature therefore they are dying.
The Punjab Health minister Salima Hashmi has announced that a campaign against measles would be launched next month. It would cover 30.3 millions kids aged between nine months to ten years.
    Now, what's up in next months. Many parents are injecting additional vaccines on their own behalf. But many many kids are deprived of vaccines. The measles is preventable by vaccines, but, it can break and spread more speedily, if the entire population is not vaccinated. Now the matter is why whole population is not vaccinated. There  can be shortage of vaccines or ignorance of people who hide their kids at the time of vaccine because they think the vaccine are dangerous for their kids. I observe some people are afraid of fever after vaccines. All of these thoughts are because of lack of awareness and ignorance. Therefore the programs about the awareness of vaccines are also necessary besides the vaccines.These programs must be held in low educated and backward areas.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

My Kids Have Their Pets

Sindey with her little chicks
Ali Abbas
In this summer When I visited my Mom's home. There was something new for me that my kids wants to show me. My nephew said to me "phupo" I have a surprise for you. He was so excited. So, in the afternoon, he took me to his favorite place. There was really an amazing thing. A dark brown hen was hatching eggs and there were very cute innocent and soft chicks. Most of chicks were out of their eggs but a few were in their eggs.
Now these chicks are round about of a month and play in the lawn all the day long. My nephew Ali Abbas is crazy for his "Sindey"; he calls that hen "Sindey", and her chicks. At morning, I see, he takes his breakfast to those chicks and his mother has hand on her head, "oh, what to do of that boy who crazy for his chicks."Now he is thinking about sweet names for his chicks. But they are too little to be identified.
 For two days Abbas is so disturbed and upset because he find two his chicks sick about two days ago. and now one of them is gone. he is so sad and is eating nothing. Now we are giving them treatment. And I hope others will be fine. And we will see smile on his face again.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Rules for Kid's Eating

Kids are the blessing of God. The good nutrition habits are very important for their growth and development. If you want your kids to be healthy and efficient, then, make some rules for their eating purpose.
 Some general rules are as followings:

  1. At the time of meal,the attention of your kids should be towards the meal than to other things like TV, toys, computer or other things.
  2. Always appreciate and encourage your kid whenever he try to eat by himself, but, remain neutral about the quantity of food that he is taking.
  3. Take him something to eat in every 3-4 hours, to enhance his apatite.
  4. The duration of eating anything should not exceed from 30 min, either, child has taken very little.
  5. Arrange the menu  according to his age.
  6. Discourage your child, if, he talk or play while eating something.
  7. Always serve the new recipe in an organised and attractive way, so that it appeals him to eat.   

Monday, 1 April 2013

Number Rhym

Charlie and Numbers

one two three
one two three four five
six seven eight 
nine ten.

My name is number one 
and I can reach the sun,

My name is number two 
how do you do
My name is number three
look at me

I am number four,
let jump some more

I am number five,
feel so alive,

My name is number six,
 I don't miss the things

Seven coming through
And I'll sing for you

It is so great,
being number eight.

Next in the line
I am number nine

And now comes ten
let's count the number again
Source:Baby tv

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Work online for Moms at Home

9KDSG63QHWK3 As in the previous post, I try to tell that How and Why some Moms have to leave the job and try to do some thing at home. Some women start some small business like stitching and sewing, Baby sitter or some thing else like this. But, today most of them prefer to do some work online according to their ability.
Now the question is " What to do?" and "From where to start?"  Because many sites that offer work online are scam.
You need some trustworthy place to work. If you are looking for some type of online job then the freelance sites are the best source.but be aware all freelance sites are not trustworthy. If you want to be a freelancer, the best sites are:
O Desk
E Lance
Scriptlance and
These are the best sites for you, if you want to work as a free lancer. You can work here according to your own schedule.  It takes some time to fetch first job on these sites but when fetch your first job and done it successfully. Then you might be awarded with some positive feed back and then it will start of your success on these sites.
Other than freelancing, there are more options for at home moms, such as surveys. If you are living in some developed country, e.g U.S, U.K, you can join a network which offers online surveys. A survey usually takes 20-30 minutes to response and you awarded $2-$15 for each survey.
Other than this there are more options such as captcha filling and PTC sites. But, I am not in favor of this type of work as it is basically illegal. And courtly we should follow the rules.
According to my opinion  your own own site or blog is the best plate form for you.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Working Moms

Everyone wants to be independent. Today most of the young and energetic women are doing some job or business. But when they got married and have babies, it become quiet difficult for women to continue their with their little kids. Therefore, many have say goodbye to their jobs and some of them continue their jobs and business as usual.
many of working moms face problems regarding their kids and jobs, because kids are really a full time job. Therefore it becomes so hard to balance the family needs and jobs. I salute those mothers who do such hard work. And the mothers who are not doing jobs or have left their jobs, I also solute them, because they sacrifice their carriers for sake of their little kids. Now, there are two types of mothers, 1st, are the mothers who have no one at home to take care their kids or are deprived of day care centers facility and 2nd, are the mothers who want to grow up their kids in their own supervision, because of their deep attachment to the kids.
The mothers who leave their jobs after having kids, usually have two type of planes. 1st, no more business or job other than their kids and 2nd are the moms who try to work at home. Now the question is "How to work at home?"  and "What to do from home?" At home moms can start their own business or work. I have seen many mothers in Pakistan to do stitching and sewing business and at home coaching and tuition. Or other craft at home such as flower making, decoration pieces so on.
 In our rural areas I have seen many mothers who were working in the fields, having their babies at their backs. They also perform all domestic tasks by themselves and have to serve their male companions ( husband, brothers, fathers, sons) too, as, our society is a pure male dominating society. So the working mothers that belong to my society have to suffer twice than that mother who are spending their lives in a developed and groom,ed society. 
In short, we should solute all working moms who have to perform double duty as compare to an ordinary at home mom.
Share your opinion and your own stories as a working mother.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Eating Problems

image source:
Today I am writing this post because of an incident that happened a few moments ago. I was working on my P.C, and my little son was playing with my husband. He thought the child is might be hungry. So, he took some pieces of hickory nuts and started to give to Ashhal(my son). Ashhal will be of two years in May 2013. Anyway, when Ashhal started eating those nuts, the next moment was horrible for him. Because he was trying his best to swallow the nuts but he could not and what was next? You can imagine, the, next thing was bad vomiting, that was coming out not only from mouth but nose also, even he was unable to breathe properly. He was too much terrified. And denied to take anything like water or milk.
I became so embarrassed in this situation. Now, he is sleeping and looking so cute and innocent. I want to save you from such type of situation. Do not feed your little kids on hard stuff  or big bites. Always feed the kids on soft food and take them food in very small pieces or small bites that would be easy to injest for them.  -->

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Online Games for kids.

Kids always love to play games. There are thousands of games are available on different websites. Some sites offer to play online and some are downloadable. Now it is up to the gamer, how he wants to play?  and what he wants to play? Because, there are many types of games, such as games for fun, leaning games, games having campaigns and adventures etc.
image source:
I have seen many kids who become addicted of these games. Now when you are going to allow your kid to play game in spare time, you must have to make schedule for your child. Because access of everything is bad. The excessive use of online games is harmful for the eyes and physical growth of your child. And kids do not take much interest in other tasks. Therefore, I would suggest that there should be  a proper schedule in which you decide how many hours a child should spend to play games and what type of games he should play. Suppose, one hour  for funny games, one for learning games, one for intellectual activity etc. It would be fruitful for your kids and you too.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Most Popular Cartoon Characters in 2012

Kids always love to watch cartoons. The experts try their best to create new things for their audience. In the same ay the animation industry is also working on creating new animated characters for kids. Some of these characters won everlasting fame, such as Tom and Jerry, Micky Mouse, Donald Duck etc.
I think in 2012 the cartoon characters that in most fame are;
  • Tom and Jerry
  • Sponge Bob
  • Kung fu Panda
  • Ben 10
  • Looney Tunes
  • Scooby Doo
  • Transformer
  • Care Bears
  • X-man
  • Power Puff

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Chirstmas in Next Street!

--> As December gets started, everyone gets excited for Christmas. As usual, this year  also the Christmas appears more exciting and enjoyable. Either my country is a Muslim country but the Christmas is celebrated here with all its traditional joy.

Image source,
It was public holiday on 25 Dec. We were relaxed for next day.There is a church in next street. I can see it through my window It was 8:00 pm, I peep through the window, and saw an amazing scene. First of all I had a glance on colorful lights that were appearing more heart touching in that fogy night, and the cute kids with their colorful caps on their heads and with red noses, were playing in a circle, singing Christmas song. I wish to join those kids. They had very innocent smiles on their faces and light of joy in their eyes. Anyhow, they were careless about that chill and were enjoying those precious moments of  their life.I was enjoying those moments, suddenly someone knocked the door. When I opened it. There was a little kid having a cake in his hands with a cute smile. He belongs to a christian family that were living in my street. His mother is a good friend of mine, that's why she sent me that cake. We both send some gifts to each other at our special days.     
Next morning I visit that street. The church was beautifully decorated. The thing that appeals me more was the excitement of little kids. Some of them were playing in that street, some were crying for something, some were taking sweets and cake and some of them had gift packages in their hands and wanted to show those gifts to their friends. In the meanwhile, the Church bell rang and all hustle bustle was gone,   street was deserted. I could hear the songs that were being sung in the church. I came back to my home. And felt a new spirit in my soul. These moments were really unforgettable.